Sukken Camping is situated in peaceful and beautiful nature.  There is plenty opportunities to great nature experiences and a lot of different activities.  Nice walks in the forest, there is marked paths nearby the camping site.

The area is ideal for a rich wildlife because of the many ponds and lakes around. You might be able to sight the king of the forest (elk), or a deer in it’s natural habitat.

Fishing license can be bought at the camping. Fish (trout) are added to a lot of the lakes in the area. Maybe you will like to fish in a quiet pond in the forest, or in a big lake like Haldenvassdraget near by. There are also several canoe-rentals near by if you would like to go canoing.

Some of the attractions near by are ancient fortresses from the union dispute between Norway and Sweden. Today only most friendly border-shopping takes place between Norwegians and Swedish.

Sukken Camping has visitors from all of Europe, and the rest of the world.

We welcome you!